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DIY Rainwater Collection System

DIY rainwater collection system

How To Get Water Off Grid

Getting water was the top priority on our to-do list, when we moved to the tropical mountain in Cambodia. Exciting it was before we started the DIY rainwater collection system, fun in the beginning, disappointing in the middle and frustrating towards the end. When we finally got the system working, it was more relief than accomplishment.

DIY Rainwater Collection System

Equipped with tarps, bamboo, pipes and hose, we were so confident that we could get it done within one afternoon. Now looking at the first version we built, honestly, it was like a joke. So many things were wrong in so many ways.

water collecting system
Water Collecting System Version 1.0

After a heavy downpour and gust, we immediately realized where the problems lied. Moved the whole thing further up the hill, adjusted everything’s position. Version 2, 3, 4… It just didn’t work.

We were pretty disappointed with our physics knowledge. With meditation and sleepless hours, my husband decided to remove the bamboo poles completely, streamline the whole thing to the minimum.

He was out there during storms so many times to test and optimize the system. Finally version 6.4 worked. You will see the final working rainwater harvesting system in this video. It’s probably the simplest and most cost effective way to get water off grid.

How To Collect Rainwater – DIY Off Grid Water System

In this video, you will find:

  1. Why we decided to collect rainwater, instead of drilling a well?
  2. What materials we used to DIY rainwater collection system?
  3. Mistakes that we made?
  4. Tips to bear in mind?
  5. How we are going to expand and improve the system?

In addition to this DIY rainwater collecting system, once we have our house and kitchen up, we will also collect rainwater from the roofs for drinking, cooking and gardening.

Yes, we are going to drink rainwater. Already have a filtering system in mind, which could be another exciting/frustrating project. So stay tuned.

off grid living on the tropical mountain in Cambodia
Rainbow on The Tropical Mountain in Kep, Cambodia

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