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Dried Apricots – A Taste of Happy Childhood

dried Turkish apricots
Dried Apricots

Close your eyes and take a moment to recall the happy moments in your childhood.

That’s how the dried Turkish apricots taste like: lightlysweet, chewy and a tiny bit sour. It puts a smile on your face.

October Special: Turkish Dried Apricots

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82% of the world total dried apricot trade is from Turkey. There are two important quality criteria for dried Turkish apricots. They are moisture and SO2 contents.

sulphured dried apricots
Sulphured Dried Apricots

Sulphured Dried

If you find this type of yellow / goldish apricots more familiar, they are treated with SO2 in order to provide color retention and longer shelf life. The SO2 content is max 2,000 ppm for European countries and between 2,500 – 3,000 for USA and others.

Natural (Unsulphured) Dried

The darker looking apricots, like the photo on the top, are directly dried under the sunlight without SO2 treatment. They have a soft sweet flavor that is ideal for snacking, or adding to your cooking and baking recipes.

Dried Apricots Benefits

Low in Calories

Dried fruit and nuts are always better snacks, especially dried Turkish apricots. The calories contained are about half the amount in an average candy bar or bag of potato chips.

While they are low in calories, they contain so much fiber and nutrients, you won’t feel hungry again for hours.

Packed with Vitamin A

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is fat soluble. Dried Turkish apricots offer a good source of Vitamin A. It helps enhances your vision, keeps your immune system in check and bones healthy, protects your skin.

Loads of Fiber

One serving offers 4g fiber, or 16% of your recommended daily value. The fruit dissolves in the body easily, and the important nutrients are easily absorbed by the system. Sprinkle it with sunflower seeds, you will have a quarter of your daily needs taken care of.

The fruit also breaks down fatty acids fast, which means your digestion is in order. Not only that, the fruit protects you from gastrointestinal concerns by cleaning out the intestines regularly, which is also helpful to your weight control.

Rich in Potassium

Turkish apricots are a powerhouse of potassium, an essential mineral that helps the heart beat and prevents high blood pressure. A 30g serving contains nearly 10% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) for potassium.

Many More Health Benefits

Since apricots are high on fiber content, it also helps reduce the bad cholesterol content in your body, your heart is protected.

Apricots are natural sources of antioxidants. It helps the body to get rid of toxins collected over time, when consumed daily. Antioxidants also protects your cells by killing free radicals.

In addition, dried apricots may promote eye health, gut health, boost skin health.

October Special: Dried Turkish Apricots
500g, $9.00 (10% off regular price)
Regular price: 1kg, $20.00

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